Kumpulan Judul Skripsi Jurusan Bahasa Inggris (Speaking)

Berikut saya sajikan beberapa judul Tugas Akhir Skripsi dari jurusan Bahasa inggris :  

1.  The efl students’ strategies in learning english speaking skills (a descriptive study at the tertiary level)
2. Improving students’ speaking ability through educational drama : a classroom action research at first grade of a vocational high school in bandung
3.      Language anxiety in speaking english : a descriptive study on second graders of senior high school
4. Teaching speaking english through pictures in improving students speaking ability
5.  The english native-speaker’s strategies in improving indonesian students’ speaking skill (a case study of the english native-speaker’s teaching strategies in a private junior high school)
6.   The use of series pictures in teaching spoken procedure text to improve students’ speaking ability (a quasi-experimental study of the seventh grade students in smpn 2 cipeundeuy)
7.     An analysis of students’ speaking english in classroom interaction
8.    The use of song in teaching speaking procedural text (a quasi-experimental study of seventh graders of smpn 29 bandung)
9.     Students’ speaking performance in class presentation (qualitative research with third-year students of the english education department in a state university in bandung)
10. The use of audio visual aid in teaching speaking (classroom action research at one of the senior high schools in bandung)
11.  The use of pictures in a speaking class (a descriptive study at an elementary school in bandung)
12.  The use of picture narrating in teaching speaking (a quasi-experimental study to the second grade students of vocational high school in bandung)
13. The effectiveness of communicative language teaching (clt) approach in developing students’ speaking ability (an experimental study of second grade students at sma kartika siliwangi i bandung)
14.  The correlation between listening and speaking abilities (a case study in the third grade in one of smkns in bandung)
15.  The use of meaning, use and form (muf) framework in teaching speaking to young learners (a quasi-experimental study in an elementary school in western bandung)
16.  The effectiveness of role play method in improving students’ speaking skill :an experimental study of the first grade in a private senior high school in bandung
17.  Students’ perception on presentation in speaking in professional context subject (a case study on the first year students of english department of upi)
18.  Textbooks adapting process a case of teaching speaking
19.  The use of problem based in developing students speaking ability
20. The implementation of the interactivelearning media in teaching speaking to young learner (a qualitative study of beginner grade student in english for young learners class)
21.  The students’ strategies in solving speaking difficulties; a case study in class x-6 of sman 8 bandung
22.  Foreign language speaking anxiety in junior high school  (a case study at a private junior high school in bandung)
23. The use of task-based language teachingin improving students’ speaking ability (classroom action research on the second grade students of smkn 1 bandung)
24.  “the use of small group interaction in teaching speaking”
25. The cooperative learning: three-step interview  towards students’ speaking ability
26. Contextual teaching and learning approach in enhancing students’ speaking skill (a classroom action research in class x-b sma puragabaya)
27.  The effectiveness of using authentic materials in teaching descriptive text to improve students’ speaking ability  (an experimental study among the tenth grade students of senior high school)
28.  The effectiveness of total physical response in teaching speaking skill to the beginners 
[an experimental research of sixth grade students of elementary school (sdn 2 plumbon-cirebon)]
29.  The relationship between students’ academic self-efficacy and their learning participation in speaking class : a descriptive study of the first-year english department students in upi
30.  The use of role play technique in improving students’ speaking ability
31.  The use of participation point system in teaching english speaking in vii grade of smp balai pendidikan pengajaran bandung
32. Senior high school students’ anxiety in english speaking class (a descriptive study of language anxiety at sma laboratorium (percontohan) upi bandung)
33. The techniques of teaching speaking to young learners : a descriptive study at a children class of an english course in bandung, west java
34. Teaching speaking english to young learners:a case study of students on 4th grade in one of international elementary school in cikaso kuningan
35. The use of guessing game in teaching speaking : an experimental study of second grade students an smkn 2 bandung
36. The correlation between junior highschool students’ listening skill and their speaking skill
37.  The implementation of total physical response (tpr) in teaching speaking to young learners : a quasi experimental study of fifth grade students at one public school in bandung

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